The Galaxy Note 5 Active may end your battery woes

xxl_Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review (10)-970-80

While Brits are still waiting around for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it appears that the US is already in store for its rugged successor. We’re all for the Galaxy Note 5, but we do feel that Samsung has opted to place design over features like battery capacity once again. Hence why it bodes well […]

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Motorola Skip NFC Accessory Will Make Logging in Easier For You – And Potential Thieves


We saw how the R2B2 Robot can get access into an Android phone just by using brute force. The robot could be very useful for thieves. But mobile snatchers reading this story should be happy to know about Motorola’s new Skip accessory for the Moto X. Things could be a whole lot easier for you guys provided […]

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Leaked: White Sony Honami Smartphone Pics


Here in Canada, Bell is currently going through a big marketing campaign to promote the waterproof Sony Xperia Z smartphone, but Sony already has another big gun almost ready for the primetime. What we see here are several leaked photos of the upcoming Sony Honami, a high-end smartphone with a whopping 20MP camera. We’ve seen some […]

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LG Optimus G2 To Be Unveiled On August 7th?


We have been hearing about the LG Optimus G2 for quite some time. Now, the company has announced to the press that they will be hosting an event on August 7th in New York City. That could be where the G2 might finally be revealed. They haven’t said anything else, such as what device (or devices) is (are) going to […]

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HTC One Mini And Max For AT&T


HTC just brought out their Butterfly S smartphone, an updated version of the original 1080p Butterfly handset. But everyone seems to be eager to know more about the upcoming HTC One Mini and One Max (codenamed T6). And AT&T is reportedly having plans to launch both the devices. The HTC One Mini is believed to have […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Bug Allows You to Bypass the Lock Screen


A smartphone is as sacred as your diary, and much like your diary you want might want to keep all your personal details, private messages, saucy apps and photos to yourself. Thankfully most phone users can simply set up a password protected lock screen and your secrets will be safe, but owners of the Samsung […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Renders Revealed to be Bogus


Earlier today multiple Android phone sites excited published the following renders of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The reason everyone was so excited? Well they appeared to come from @evleaks, a notorious tipster on who is normally right on the money with his/her info. After the initial excitement a number Android phone fans soon found the […]

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Samsung gets a $450 Million Dropped from Apple Patent Battle


Samsung will be breathing a sigh of relief, as Judge Lucy Koh has amended the $1 Billion figure it has been ordered to pay Apple. The newly adjusted amount has been cut by $450 million, meaning Samsung currently have to pay $598,908,892 over the patent battle. The adjustments are due to an error in how […]

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Maximizing Your Samsung Galaxy S3: Improving Battery Life


Whether you recently received your Samsung Galaxy S3 over the holidays or have had it for many months now, there are certainly ways to make an already great phone experience turn into an excellent one. That’s why Mobile Magazine while be taking a deeper look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the next several weeks […]

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GameBoy Transformed into Android Remote


The younger crowd probably won’t see the point of this, but this could be awesome for those of us who killed endless days with our first handheld game system, the GameBoy.  Chad Boughton, missing the tactile response of those 2 simple buttons and direction pad decided to swap out the dot matrix display in his GameBoy […]

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