Amazon Using Apple iPad Comparison To Promote Kindle Fire HD


When Apple introduced the iPad mini we were shown a comparison against the Nexus 7, Google’s first pure-Android slate. Apple emphasized on the larger (by .9 inches, 35% larger area) display but they didn’t mention the chapter where the iPad mini falls short: resolution and PPI rating. Amazon is using exactly these aspects to promote […]

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16GB WiFi Black & Slate iPad mini Also Sold Out


Shortly after Apple flipped the switch on iPad mini pre-orders this Friday the white version of the small slate has been sold out. Initial orders were delivering on November 2 but the status changed to reflect shipping in two weeks for those that weren’t fast enough. This is now the status for any storage variant of […]

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Pre-Orders Go Live For Apple’s New iPad With Retina Display and iPad mini


As announced with the occasion of the special event where Apple introduced the fourth generation iPad and the iPad mini, pre-orders are now available for those who want to grab one of Apple’s new tablets. Visit your country’s Apple Online store for your local prices (for the remainder of this post, we’ll talk about US […]

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AT&T Lumia 920 Retail Launch Date Rumored


As we saw yesterday, Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset is already available, so long as you’re a well-plugged-in celebrity. For us hoi polloi, we’ve been waiting for the phone to finally make its retail debut. We’ve known that AT&T is going to be the exclusive launch carrier in the States, but have remained in the dark as to […]

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Check Out HTC’s “Evolution Of The Smartphone”, Chock Full Of Trash Talk


HTC’s apparently been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, and recently took a trip down memory lane for the creation of this “Evolution of the Smartphone” infographic. It’s a nice, if brief look back at how we got to the mobile device landscape we have now. HTC can’t seem to help itself from making a few […]

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Samsung Rumored To Prepare Android 4.1.2 For the Galaxy S III With Multi-Window Feature


The Samsung Galaxy S III is getting its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update as we speak –the Android 4.1.1 version to be more specific– but the manufacturer is rumored to be working on a refresh containing Android 4.1.2, “around December”. Whether Monday brings Android 4.2 or not is yet unknown but ifGoogle decides to unveil it […]

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Closing The Pixel Gap: Android’s Got 1080p, So Who’s Next?


It’s been about a year since we first started seeing smartphones with 720p displays hit the scene. Since then, they’ve rapidly become the gold standard for smartphone screens, such that it’s hard to accept even a qHD display on an upper-tier handset. Now, 1080p displays are about to arrive, with the first-such Android models already […]

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Alleged iPad Refresh Case Pictured, More Rumors Of iPad mini Pricing


Birds are chirping that alongside the iPad mini Apple will also introduce some sort of iPad flavor. It will purportedly feature the new Lightning port and some other probable spec bumps (or not). The image above is allegedly a shell for this refreshed iPad and, as you can see, the only difference compared to the New iPad is the port at the […]

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More Rumors Of An Alleged Upcoming iPad Refresh

101115_OB_PF_band_FL_#PHO-10-1053_focus_ 001

Apple sent out invites for an October 23 event and the wording implied “a little more”. Everyone seems to have agreed to the fact that the iPad mini was the reason of the invite but it turns out that the smaller tablet is only related to the word “little”. The word “more” seems to refer to a full sized […]

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Motorola Offers Update On Jelly Bean Upgrade Plans


As Motorola users are all too aware, while the company does an admirable job of trying to let users know about the Android update situation for each of its models, it has a nasty habit of going back on previous plans to bring updates to certain models. As such, whenever the company gets around to updating that […]

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