Nokia Lumia 920T will cost just $0.16 in China


China has long been known as a place to pick up low-cost smartphones, but that’s just in regards to domestically made phones right? Well not anymore as Nokia’s plans for the Lumia 920T have emerged. Currently Chinese smartphone users are expected to buy their phones outright from the start and pay for what they use […]

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LG Set to Release Line of Google TVs First Half of 2013, Unveil at CES 2013


LG has announced it will release a brand new line of Google TVs with 3.0 software starting in 2013.  These very sleek and slim TVs will come in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches. According to LG, the new Google TVs will have a “beyond simple voice input” voice recognition system and run […]

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Rumor: Next iPad Just Around the Corner, Will Take Design Cues from the Mini


When Apple finally unveiled the iPad Mini, few to none of us were surprised. That said, we were more than a little stunned to see Apple turn around and release a 4th generation iPad only about a half year after the release of the 3rd gen model. Despite some complaints, iPads are still selling strong. So was this aggressive and […]

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iPhone 5 and Mini Having Battery Issues After Receiving Update


Recently Apple attempted to answer a common user complaint regarding Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6. The new iOS 6.0.2 update was geared towards the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 in particular, but applied to the iPad and other devices with iOS 6 issues as well. While it is debatable as to whether this even solved the intended problem, now […]

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Apple Rumored to be Severing Ties With Samsung


This past week, many states have been attempting to attract a major semiconductormanufacturer said to have ties to Apple Computer.  New York, Oregon and Texas are all the front runners in a race to bring a new major manufacturer to the US. Currently Samsung builds its custom A series processors for Apple’s iOS devices at a plant in Texas.  […]

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Blackberry 10 Handsets Will Be Stock by All Major UK Carriers


Recently we’ve reported on the hardware for the Blackberry L-Series, and we’ve even shown off detailed screen-shots of the new Blackberry 10 OS. RIM’s latest OS and hardware certainly seems to be shaping up as something worthy of interest, but it all boils down to carrier support. For RIM to succeed with Blackberry 10, it needs a wide range […]

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Square Enix Offering RPGs at Heavily Discounted Prices via Google Play


When it comes to mobile games, you get what you pay for. While many great games are only a few dollars, if you want a truly detailed and engrossing mobile experience, you generally have to pay quite a bit more. Case and point: Square Enix makes great RPGs, but they also are pretty much the […]

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Nokia Windows RT Tablet Coming to Mobile World Congress 2013


The Microsoft Surface hasn’t exactly been flying off the shelves, but that doesn’t mean that Windows RT is going to lose any support. In fact, there’s word that Nokia is working on a newtablet powered by Windows RT and this new device will be making its debut at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.   Scheduled for February 25 to […]

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High-quality Images of Blackberry 10 Leak to the Net


We’ve already seen quite a few high quality images of the Blackberry 10-based L-Series handset. What about the actual interface itself? Now a new leak shows off screenshots detailing the new Blackberry 10 OS. The images show off social apps like Facebook and also give us a look at Blackberry Hub and the BBM menu. […]

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Apple’s “Steve Jobs” Patent Ruled Invalid in Non-Final Ruling

Apple’s “Steve Jobs” Patent Ruled Invalid in Non-Final Ruling

It seems that the USPTO has now re-examined Apple’s touch-screen patent first filed in April 2008 and granted nine months later. Based on a further look, the USPTO has now decided that 20 claims from the patent are invalid. This patent has often be referred to as the “Steve Jobs” patent, even by Apple lawyers. […]

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