iPad Mini Getting Open Source Game D Game Controller Case Combo


Some people will tell you that the traditional video game console is dead and that we’re all playing our games on our smartphones and tablets these days. The trouble is that touchscreen controls still leave something to be desired and that’s why products like the Game D continue to be developed.   The Game D […]

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Samsung Galaxy Mega Officially Announced, Available in 5.8 and 6.3-inch Models


Rumors of an ultra-large smartphone line from Samsung have been floating around for a while now. Samsung has finally come forward to confirm that they are in fact pushing the line between smartphone and tablet with their new Samsung Galaxy Mega line. The Galaxy Mega will have two different models, a 5.8-incher and a massive 6.3-inch model. As for the […]

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BlackBerry Q10 Shows Up on Fido Website, Launch Imminent


Maybe you really liked what the BlackBerry Z10 brought to the table with the completely revamped BlackBerry 10 platform, but you still miss the classic BlackBerry experience with a real hardware keyboard. We’ve known for a while that the BlackBerry Q10 would be launching this year and now the QWERTY-touting smartphone has made its official debut on […]

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