LG Optimus G2 To Be Unveiled On August 7th?


We have been hearing about the LG Optimus G2 for quite some time. Now, the company has announced to the press that they will be hosting an event on August 7th in New York City. That could be where the G2 might finally be revealed. They haven’t said anything else, such as what device (or devices) is (are) going to […]

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HTC One Mini And Max For AT&T


HTC just brought out their Butterfly S smartphone, an updated version of the original 1080p Butterfly handset. But everyone seems to be eager to know more about the upcoming HTC One Mini and One Max (codenamed T6). And AT&T is reportedly having plans to launch both the devices. The HTC One Mini is believed to have […]

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Will Online Gambling Finally Be Legal in US Again?


I do everything on the Internet. I can shop online. I can chat with friends online. I can pay my bills and do my banking online. Why can’t I go ahead and lose a bunch of money online, too? While online gambling has effectively been legalized at the state level in places like New Jersey […]

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