Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hits UK as Vodafone exclusive

xl_xl_Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Vodafone has nabbed exclusivity to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge until January, although it’s been handed a sky-high price tag. At first it seemed like Samsung was reluctant about the Galaxy Note Edge, when we heard the phablet was going to launch as a limited edition device in select markets, but now Brits can safely add it to […]

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Is Apple making a smaller iPhone 6?

xl_xl_iphone 6

Were you disappointed that Apple didn’t offer the opportunity to buy an iPhone 6 that was the size of the iPhone 5S? Well you may be in luck next year, as reports are suggesting that Apple may offer an iPhone 5S-sized iPhone 6 (or possibly even iPhone 6S) alongside its larger siblings. Despite launching the new iPhone […]

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Amazon Fire Phone 2 pushed back to 2016

xl_Amazon Fire Phone (4) cropped

Amazon will not be launching a follow up to its Amazon Fire Phone next year, according to reports. Amazon is reportedly working on a follow-up to the Fire Phone which was launched earlier this year. However, it will not arrive any time soon, according to VentureBeat. That is largely because the first phone has been considered […]

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Sony Xperia Z4 images found in hacked Bond movie emails


The Sony hacking saga continues to reveal on-going projects, with the latest being early images of the upcoming Xperia Z4. Just when it seems things can’t possibly get worse for Sony, another leaked secret steals the headlines. Spotted by Gizmodo, images of the Sony Xperia Z4 were attached in numerous emails discussing the recently announced James […]

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40% of Italian divorces over cheating involve WhatsApp


According to Gian Ettore Gassani, the president of the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, 40% of divorce cases that cite adultery in Italy rely on WhatsApp messages sent between unfaithful spouses and their lovers as evidence of infidelity. The proliferation of instant messaging services has made it easier for unfaithful husbands and wives to conduct […]

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AKG: smarter design is the key to perfect headphones


It used to be that headphones were about function rather than form but over the last few years style has surpassed sound, and it’s no longer just about who you are listening to but what you are listening on. While Dre and his Beats range may be the big headline grabber, now that Apple has […]

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