Blackberry Z10 to Arrive in Black and White Color Variations


Blackberry 10 is almost here, although there doesn’t seem to be too many surprises left at this rate. We know that there will be as many as six BB10 devices this year, we know what BB10 looks like, what the two launching phones look like and we know that RIM is targeting around75,000 launch apps (many of which […]

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Blackberry 10 Handsets Will Be Stock by All Major UK Carriers


Recently we’ve reported on the hardware for the Blackberry L-Series, and we’ve even shown off detailed screen-shots of the new Blackberry 10 OS. RIM’s latest OS and hardware certainly seems to be shaping up as something worthy of interest, but it all boils down to carrier support. For RIM to succeed with Blackberry 10, it needs a wide range […]

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High-quality Images of Blackberry 10 Leak to the Net


We’ve already seen quite a few high quality images of the Blackberry 10-based L-Series handset. What about the actual interface itself? Now a new leak shows off screenshots detailing the new Blackberry 10 OS. The images show off social apps like Facebook and also give us a look at Blackberry Hub and the BBM menu. […]

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